Nothing Standing In My Way

Posted on May 23 2019

Throughout our time as parents there are many things that we need to teach our children. We start from a very young age with the basics. How to talk. How to walk. How to hold a spoon. As they get older we start to teach them more and more. How to dress themselves, hold a pencil and how to write their names.

There are also many lessons that we teach our children as they grow up. These lessons may not be physical tasks that we sit down and teach them, but more skills and things to be aware of as they grow up and interact with other people.

We need to teach our children to be strong, confident and happy within themselves. The way that we raise our children will mould them for how they respond to people and how they act as they grow up.

Nothing standing in my way.

We need to teach our children to go forward with their desires. That they are responsible for their decisions and that they should push to achieve their dreams.

We need to teach our children that nothing stands in their way. That they are their own keeper and can make their dreams come true.

By telling a child that nothing stands in their way, you are letting them know that you as a parent support them. You are there for them through thick and thin. You are letting your child know that they can achieve their dreams and that you will be there for every step of the way.

Nothing standing in my way.

It teaches them that there will be obstacles but they will not let the obstacles stop them from completing their task.

It gives your child hope. It gives them freedom. It gives them a way to show who they are as a person. It empowers them to make the decisions.

It gives them an understanding. It helps them to know that they can make the choices and that they can succeed if they try their best and put as much effort in as possible. It helps to build them up instead of pulling them down. It gives them a reason to go forward. 

Nothing standing in my way

It may seem like a small statement. But letting your children know that nothing stands in their way and repeating those words to them will help them to grow. It is a statement that should be said to everyone and heard on open ears. It gives strength, courage and confidence to the person hearing it.

Our children need to be nurtured and guided along the way. They will come to you as their parents for the rest of their lives with questions and needing your help. No matter how much you teach them, this will always be the case. You are their safe person. Reminding them of these little statements and teaching along the way will help them to find a way to attack each hurdle on their own. They will still come to you, but they will come equipped and having already tried their best.

Nothing standing in my way.

It shows that you have taught them well

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